• 2-Day WealthTradeTM Seminar:

    Outlining the strategies Oliver Velez uses to find and implement his swing and core trades

    In this provocative 2-day seminar, you will be taught all the methodologies Oliver Velez uses to trade for wealth via what he refers to as the three primary markets: equities, currencies and futures. From his famous incremental buy and sell approach, to his option based hedging strategies, all the way to his ratio position-building practices, you'll learn it all from the master himself. No assistants, no substitutes. Oliver Velez believes he is the only instructor worthy of teaching his well honed wealth-building methods, and in this 2-day seminar, he will personally reveal all he knows and does in the three primary markets above.

  • Unlimited Retakes of 2-Day WealthTradeTM Seminar*

    Once you become an elite WealthTradeTM member, you will be entitled to unlimited retakes the seminar. You will never be asked to pay for another "wealth" seminar. Even revised forms of the WealthTradeTM seminar will be yours free. Oliver Velez has always believed that repetition is an indispensable tool of learning and being able to repeat the learning process without any impediments will lead to retaining much more of the information and knowledge he dispenses.

  • The Velez Opportunity Report:

    Outlining each play made and/or intended to be made by Oliver Velez*

    Oliver Velez will expound on his forward market views, review and update the trading decisions he's made and explain those he intends to make. Each WealthTradeTM member, through this comprehensive report, will know precisely what to do to mirror the trades of Oliver Velez. From exact entries and exit points, to stocks and other items being stalked and shunned, to which sectors are hot and which are not, you'll know every market-related thought and view of Oliver Velez, and what he personally intends to do for all his personal wealth-building accounts. This report will continue the educational process started with the WealthTradeTM seminar, with special write-ups and instructional video blogs.

  • Wealth Play Alerts:

    Intra-day trigger signals detailing each new mid-day action made by Oliver Velez*

    Throughout the week, Oliver Velez will reveal each market related action (buys/sells) to his WealthTradeTM members, before he actually makes them. This pre-action alert will give each member the very best chance of perfectly mirroring each one of his trades. Very few trading professionals are willing to give you their trades in advance. Oliver Velez will dare to do this for a select few via web, text message, and email, effectively putting you on par with him. This pre-action service will give each member the ability to know every one of Oliver Velez' wealth-building trades.

  • Access to each one of Oliver Velez' personal study sessions*

    Whenever Oliver Velez sits down at his computer to study the market, to look at charts, to find his next trade, you will be personally invited to participate. As he goes through the market to make his choices, as he picks and chooses which sectors to focus on, which stocks to put on his watch list, which ones make his "Hot List" and which ones make his "Not List", you will be there with him. He will walk each WealthTradeTM member through his thoughts, and you'll be able to ask him questions as he makes his choices. This is a revolutionary new concept and will be the next best thing to sitting next to Oliver Velez each time he personally looks at the market. There is no better way to learn than to be present during a master trader's selection process. And you'll be allowed to enter the personal world of Oliver Velez and study alongside him. That's right. Each WealthTradeTM member will get this unique privilege!

*Depending on Program Option choosen by member